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JYS Series Of Lifting Belt Needle Loom
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JYS Series Of Lifting Belt Needle Loom

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Suitable for the production of bra straps, shoulder straps, edging belts, decorative belts, ribbons and other products. It has the characteristics of fast speed, flat edge and stable performance.
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JYS Series Of Lifting Belt Needle Loom

■ Optimally and flexibly used in the weaving of various kinds of hanging ribbon narrow fabrics.shroud bands and etc.

■ Durable,high speed,mute,easy operation,convenient maintenance and etc.


Model JYS5-4/80 JYS5-4/90 JYS5-6/55 JYS5-4/60 JYS5-8/35 JYS5-10/27 JYS5-2/110 JYS5-2/130 JYS 6/55
Weaving head 4 4 6 4 8 10 2 2 6
Weaving head width 80 90 55 60 35 27 110 130 55
Number of frame 8(double knife) 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
Weft density 2.8~3.2/cm 2.6~3.0/cm 2.8~3.2/cm 2.6~3.0/cm
Pattern chain cycle Cam 1:8/chain