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Company Culture

Company Culture

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【Constantly strive for perfection】
Jiangsu Jingwu Machinery Co., Ltd. upholds the craftsman spirit of constantly striving for perfection, adheres to adapting to all kinds of market demands with expertise, constantly pursues perfect product quality and strives to provide customers with first-class service. Every Jingwu employee has the strong sense of pursuing perfection of technology and focusing on quality. Our goal is: continuous improvement of technology, continuous improvement of products, continuous optimization of services and long-term competitiveness.
【Keep up with the times】
Jiangsu Jingwu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented enterprise based on the market demand. We devote ourselves to the research, development, production and application of textile machinery (crochet machines, ribbon looms, computer-aided jacquard machines, shoulder strap machines, etc.). We have been forging ahead and making keen progress constantly to provide customers with comprehensive system schemes and meet the increasingly developing and changing market demands as well as diversified customer needs.
【Be strict with oneself】
Jiangsu Jingwu Machinery Co., Ltd. has always integrated the behavior and habits of keeping one’s words, being rigorous and meticulous, and pursing perfect into the corporate culture, and will always follow the rules and regulations strictly to deal with problems in all circles ranging from product design to production, marketing and after-sales service. Every Jingwu employee is strict with himself and strives to be a responsible person. This sense of responsibility is reflected not only in work but more in society and family.
【Safety Production】
Jiangsu Jingwu Machinery Co., Ltd. requires every Jingwu employee should raise awareness of the importance of safety in production, and strive to learn safety knowledge and improve safety production skills. In the process of production, Jingwu employees will remind each other, pay attention to each other and protect each other in case of any unsafe environmental factor or human factor, so as to ensure the personal safety and equipment safety. Jingwu employees should also conscientiously investigate the potential safety hazard, strengthen inspection, rectify immediately if any problems are found, be cautious against small matters and take preventive measures.
Jiangsu Jingwu Machinery Co., Ltd. sticks warning signs or warning words on all products and production equipment that may damage commodities easily if not properly used, or may threaten the personal or property security. In addition, all switches, power supply, and sharp products that may be touched easily are all equipped with protective facilities to prevent accidents. Jingwu will not only be responsible for every Jiangwu people but also for the personal and property safety of every customer.
【Energy saving and environmental protection】
Jiangsu Jingwu Machinery Co., Ltd. advocates all the staff to strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, always follow the national environmental protection policies, never drain waste water or waste residue indiscriminately, and spend huge sum of money in creating systems and equipment in line with the national environmental protection standard. To care for our living environment is the ideal of all Jingwu employees.
The quality of all the mechanical products produced by Jingwu is guaranteed. Some parts are made of imported raw materials and all products leaving the factory need to pass the inspection of Jingwu quality inspector. In the mean time, Jingwu has a powerful after-sales service team, which can help customers to solve problems rapidly. In addition, Jingwu has professional training personnel, who can train technical personnel for customers specially and have the customer find and solve problems by themselves while using Jingwu products, so that lots of time and expenses can be saved.